is a composer, sound and visual artist based in Madrid.
What you are now reading is an artist statement where I have to talk about myself in the third person.
The artist statements and biographies are a jail, don´t be a prisoner.
The latest version of myself and my work is on the projects below

   Projects ︎

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    I’ve been performing live shows and exhibiting projects in ︎
⬀ Espacio Fundación Telefónica
⬀ Circulo de Bellas Artes Madrid
⬀ Media Lab Prado Madrid
⬀ Tabakalera Donosti
⬀ SEMINCI Valladolid
Museo de la Memoria Montevideo
Heritage Space Hanoi
⬀ Meta House Phnom Penh
Sonic Dreams Festival Ireland
Wos Festival Santiago
Intramurs Valencia
Taipei Comunnity Radio
Teatro Réplika
⬀ La Pascasia Medellin
⬀ MOUTOU Kuala Lumpur

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15.02.2020. Impro a/v Live with Marta Verde. CasaBanchel, Madrid.

07.02.2020. ARCANO II A/V Live with Marta Verde. MediaLab Prado, Madrid.

24.11.2019. Concerto para plantas. ESPACIO IEP. C/Pilarica 81

17.11.2019. Live-Cinema for Juha (Aki Kaürismaki). Tabakalera, San Sebastian.

02.11.2019. ARCANO II A/V Live with Marta Verde. Teatro Replika, Madrid.

03.10.2019. El Intruso, Madrid.

13.06.2019. Live-Cinema for Juha (Aki Kaürismaki). Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid.

05.04.2019. La Pacasia, Medellín. Colombia

17.11.2018. Heritage Space, Hanoi. Vietnam

03.11.2018. The Cave, Taichung. Taiwan.

29.10.2018. Taipei Community Radio. Taiwan.

08.09.2018. MOUTOU, Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia.

23.06.2018. Grafik Cafe, Udon Thani. Thailand

25.05.2018. Meta House. Phnom Penh, Cambodya.

15.12.2017. Barcelona. Telenoika

05.11.2017. Madrid, Media Lab Prado.

28.10.2017. Valladolid. SEMINCI.

20.10.2017. Valencia. INTRAMURS.

29.09.2017. Waterford (Ireland). Sonic Dreams Festival.

19.05.2017, Madrid. LUZ NEGRA, Club10

27.05.2017, Pontevedra. Liceo Mutante.

24.03.2017, Madrid. La Quinta del Sordo.

14.01.2017, Burgos. Dual Club, Espacio Tangente.

10.12.2016, Barcelona. Cara B.

27.11.2016, Madrid. Vaciador 34.

09.09.2016, Santiago de Compostela. WOS Festival.

28.07.2016, Madrid. Moroder Sound Club.

04.04.2016, Madrid. La Quinta del Sordo.

25.10.2015, Badajoz. Lafábrikadetodalavida