is a composer, sound and visual artist based in Madrid.
What you are now reading is an artist statement where I have to talk about myself in the third person.
The artist statements and biographies are a jail, don´t be a prisoner.
The latest version of myself and my work is on the projects below

   Projects ︎

    Discography ︎

    I’ve been performing live shows and exhibiting projects in ︎
⬀ Espacio Fundación Telefónica
⬀ Circulo de Bellas Artes Madrid
⬀ Media Lab Prado Madrid
⬀ Tabakalera Donosti
⬀ SEMINCI Valladolid
Museo de la Memoria Montevideo
Heritage Space Hanoi
⬀ Meta House Phnom Penh
Sonic Dreams Festival Ireland
Wos Festival Santiago
Intramurs Valencia
Taipei Comunnity Radio
Teatro Réplika
⬀ La Pascasia Medellin
⬀ MOUTOU Kuala Lumpur

Social Media ︎

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